Tox21 Consortium Accomplishments

To date, the Tox21 Consortium has been successful generating data on pharmaceuticals and thousands of data poor chemicals, developing a better understanding of the limits and applications of the in vitro methods, and enabling the new data generated to be incorporated into regulatory decisions. Listed below are the Tox21 Accomplishments:

  • Screened thousands of chemicals in approximately 70 high-throughput assays covering over 125 important processes in the body and generating more than 120 million data points.
  • Published over 200 scientific peer-reviewed articles in more than 50 journals. The top five Tox21 articles have been cited an average of more than 100 times. Over 80 Tox21 publications have been cited in U.S. National Academy of Sciences Reports.
  • U.S. EPA’s Endocrine Disruption Screening Program (EDSP) is using Tox21 data to prioritize chemicals for additional testing.
  • Tox21 data for estrogen receptor activity are used in a computational model to predict potential endocrine activity and have been accepted as alternative tests within the current EDSP Tier 1 testing requirements.
  • The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has used Tox21 data as supporting mechanistic evidence for chemical carcinogenesis.